Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Casserole

Hello all!  We've been enjoying spring-like temperatures in this neck of the woods lately, but the rainy weather today gave me a taste of "Summer Debs"--when the weather turns muggy, I become the crankiest monster you've ever seen.  My bad mood is proportional to my hair--the wilder my hair grows (humidity + curls = major 'fro), the grouchier I become.  Total big hair status at work today.  Ugh, here we go.

On that lovely note, I did manage to bang out a hardcore workout today.


Stability ball leg curls 6 reps x 3 sets
Dumbell rows 5 reps x 3 sets, max 40lb
Dumbell goblet squat 5 reps x 3 sets, max  55lb
1-arm dumbell bunch 5 reps x 3 sets, max 35lb
1-arm farmer carries 30 yard carry x 3, max 16kg

After rack pulls yesterday, my scaps were screaming so the rows and farmer carries were killer.  Farmer carries involve just holding a very heavy weight (in my case 16kg kettlebell), squeezing tight with your hand making sure you shoulders are pulled back and down, and just traipsing around with your abs engaged.  I have a love-hate relationship with carries of any kind, because I have pretty weak grip strength so holding anything heavy for longer than a few reps is a struggle for me.  However, I am passionate about people-watching so I like any opportunity to sneak peaks at what everyone else is up to while strolling around with a heavy load.  Yeah, I'm that gym creeper ;)

I finished this up with a 10 minute walk on the treadmill at 3.5mph and 15 incline.  I felt like I was basically walking at a 90 degree angle, and my arms were pumping a silly amount.


Sometimes I cook more for myself, other times more for the Coach.  This buffalo chicken casserole was more for the Coach and his love of all things buffalo.  In the end he said the texture was kind of weird, but I was pretty in to it.  It went like this:

Buffalo chicken casserole
1lb ground chicken
2 boxes of frozen squash puree
1 bag frozen cauliflower (or veggie of your choice)
3 eggs
2T low sodium tamari (soy, aminos, etc)
1/2c Frank's hot sauce

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.  Heat a skillet over medium-high heat and brown your chicken with s&p.  Then, defrost your cauliflower (you could probably omit this, but I wanted to maximize the veggie content).   Next, defrost your frozen squash puree in the microwave--I stopped halfway through to stir it up, which helps it cook through evenly.  Once everything is cooked, throw the veggies, chicken, eggs, tamari, and hot sauce in to an oven-safe dish and cook for 30 minutes.  Done!


This picture shows the casserole with blue cheese on top, which I omitted.  The eggs make the casserole nice and fluffy, which was probably the texture that threw off the Coach.  This was a fun twist on buffalo chicken, and I loved that the casserole dish was stuffed with veggies.  Yum!

*          *          *

In other news, I've decided to ditch the nut butters!  I'm so obsessed with the coconut butter I made a couple of weeks ago, and I've been eating it daily as part of my afternoon snack: a scoop of sunflower seed or almond butter, scoop of coconut butter, and a banana melted in to a delicious concoction topped with chia seeds.  Stupid good.  However, I've noticed recently that I'm finding it harder and harder to not go back for extra scoops of the nut butters; the solid-at-room-temp characteristic of coconut butter prevents that from happening.  Plus, after doing lots more reading on paleo/primal websites, I've realized that the health benefits of coconut far outweigh that of nuts/seeds.  The unsweetened shredded coconut is such a steal at my local natural food store, so this sway is way more budget-friendly.  So we'll see how it goes!  Looks like I'll be trying out some new flavors to keep things interesting.  Vanilla coconut butter, anyone?

And with that update, I'm out.  Hope everyone's having a good week so far!

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  1. You aren't kidding! Finally found coconut butter and that stuff is the shizz!